How can i find a power supply compatible with my inspiron 545s


I am trying to upgrade my power supply for my inspiron 545s computer. I have 6gb RAM, 750gb Hard Drive, Core 2 Duo Processor (E7400), 250W Power Supply and run windows vista currently. What PSU would work with the slim case and be powerful enough to run modern video cards?

I did see a post from back in Feb 2010 but I want to see if there is any updated information on this.
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  1. When you are talking of modern GPU then the first thing I think of for a slimline is HD5570 which will run on 250watt PSU.
  2. I am trying to update my power supply from a 250 to something that is stronger and will fit in a slime line case. once i replace the power supply i can get the video card i have been looking at which is low profile and will work with the case but not the power supply. So how can i find what power supplies are compatible with an Inspiron 545S (Slimline) Computer Case?
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