hI I HAVE A msin9k6-v2 MOB would a ATI Radeon 5650 fit my MOB ,and how good are they becouse i have never used Radeon before.
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  1. hi, please give us ur other specs and what ur using it for?
  2. We need more info here...
    List all your specs here: CPU, RAM, Motherboard, PSU, Monitor, OS, Case, what are you going to do with this PC...
  3. ^+1
  4. Right

    MOB MSIK9N6-V2
    amd phenom 9650 quad core
    4gxDDR2 RAM
    700w PB
    19inch LG monitor
    zotac x8600GT 1xgb
  5. yes, it's compatible. your motherboard has a pcie 1.0 slot. why not grab the hd 5670? add a few more dollars and it's perform on par with nvidia 9800gt!! u'll see much more improvement from ur previous fps.

  6. PSU? brand? model?
    Yes, it should work fine...
    You have a small monitor, so a FAST CPU is better than fast GPU.
    Agree with sHuib86, why don't you get HD5670?
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