NTLDR is Missing

I'm building a PC for the mother in law(!) and have come across an "NTLDR is missing" error when trying to install XP, (and incidentally I get the same error when using a Windows 7 disk).

I am currently going around is circles with this so any help would be greatly appreciated

Basically I have built myself a new machine and used the main hard drive from my old pc, (250 Gb Samsung Spinpont), with this in conjunction with a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint for data storage. There are no problems with this system.

The 'build' for my mother in law is simply my old machine with a new Sata DVD writer, (replacing an older IDE drive), with a reformattedI hard drive, (another Samsung 250 Gb Spinpoint which was originally a secondary drive on this machine), and that's it!

Just in case it's relevant the motherboard is an Asus P5WD2 Premium

Everytime I try to install an operating system I get the same error - "NTLDR is Missing - CTRL ALT Del to restart"

I know that there are issues with sata drivers when installing XP, but I wouldn't have thought this would be relevant with Windows 7, and in any case I have set up the system run in IDE mode within BIOS. I have also checked the boot priority, and have even disabled all boot options apart from the DVD drive to see if this would work.

I haven't tried replacing the new DVD drive with the old one, but obviously if this is what is needed, and the Sata drive is the problem, then this is what I will do. I did read a comment suggesting that the jumpers on an optical drive should be set to 'cable select', but the Sata drive doesn't have an jumpers.

If anyone out there has an suggestions they would be welcome.

I am currently tearing out what little hair I have!


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  1. Bump!
  2. Now, I am confused with your problem explanation!
    OK...one by one...
    I tell you what I have catched from your explanation.

    1. On the system you have 2 HDD. an old 250GB and a new 1TB
    Both of them are already SATA or the old one is still IDE?

    2. You have also mentioned new DVD Drive. Is it SATA DVD Drive?

    3. missing NTLDR means : no bootable device found a.k.a no installed OS canbe found
    You have mentioned a formatted HDD. Does this means your old 250GB HDD?
    Do you have any OS on your new 1TB?
    I suspect you don't have any OS installed and your bootable DVD is not recognized.

    I am totall yconfused with the way you explained things.
    Actually what I wanna know :
    1. How many IDE drives are connected. (the master/slave configuration I will try to explain later, if necessary)
    2. Is there any OS already installed?

    After connecting all the drives, have you check the BIOS and see if all the drives have been recognized correctly?
    In BIOS, Set the DVD at top of the boot devices order if you wanna install a new OS.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the response and apologies if the explanation was confuisng.

    Basically I have removed the hard drive (sata) and DVD drive (IDE) from a PC and replaced them with a formatted sata hard drive, (250 Gb Samsung), and a new sata DVD Writer.

    I am trying to install an operating system but can't get past the NTLDR message.

    I've had this before when installing XP on a new build, but this was resolved by selecting IDE in the BIOS. I've tried this here but no joy.

    When I get a chance my next step will be to reinstall the old IDE DVD drive to see the OS disk is recognised when this is used.

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