MSI 880GMA-E45 freenas

Building my first FreeNAS box. This mother board/memory combo goes on sale at Newegg later today: 880GMA-E45 F3-10600CL9D-4GBNT

Any reason this won't work with FreeNAS? What would be an appropriate CPU to use? Am expecting to go with ZFS and Raidx.
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  1. My bad-RaidZ.
    Letters have always confused me.
  2. I bought that one too. It runs Linux w/out difficulty except for poor reporting of CPU temps. But if you're not overclocking, that's not so important. If it won't run FreeNAS/BSD, you could always run Linux.

    Just serving files? Any processor that will fit an AM3 socket should be more than sufficient. If you want to run something like a DLNA server that will transcode on the fly, you might need a little more horsepower. If you transcode video to a format that mets the need of your client device, then it's just serving files.
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