ATI Catalyst Control Centre 10.8 Scaling Options Error(HDMI)

I have an error pertaining to the monitor scaling options with ATI CCC 10.8, under the Scaling options in ATI Catalyst 10.8 though it show that it's been overscanned to the maximum value. i've got jiggle with the bar front and back to 0 only by doing thisi get it to the actual value. This happens every Reboot, hence i've got change settings at CCC everytime for the same reason.

i have a Full HD monitor connected to my graphic card (ATI HD 5850) with a HDMI cable.
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  1. hey puneeth ,if you got just single card..rolled back to 10.7(it's well known bug)
  2. Try the older drivers like 10.3 or 10.4, that's the most stable driver for now...
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