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I was installing a SSD on my computer. Initially, I had a HDD connected. I put the Windows CD in to make a fresh install on the SSD (BIOS set in IDE mode). After it finished, it restarted, and all I got was a black screen. I then attempted the same thing in AHCI mode. That also didn't succeed. The bootloader by this point saw 3 installations of Windows.

I then disconnected the HDD, moved it to a SATA 2 port. Moved SSD to a SATA 3 port. I then reattempted to install on Windows to no success. I noticed that after the HDD was disconnected, there was no longer a bootloader with multiple installation to choose from (also, there was a black screen). Later, the SSD stopped appearing for some reason, from BIOS, from Windows (started via HDD), and from the Windows Install CD.

I have the following questions:

How do I get the SSD to reappear? I have already checked that the connections are secured.

How do I do a clean install of Windows 7?

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  1. Not sure about why the ssd isnt appearing but you had to disconnect your HDD while installing windows 7 onto your ssd
  2. Quote:
    but you had to disconnect your HDD while installing windows 7 onto your ssd

    I gathered as much after a couple attempts, which is why it was disconnected. However, the SSD disappeared after that happened
  3. Disconnect the HD Data cable.

    Put SSD cable on SATA 0. Start and open BIOS and reset to "defaults"

    Format SSD and install windows.

    Shut down and connect HD to SATA 1
  4. use the ssd tools try a secure erase if it not found in the ssd tools try doing a firmware update. some ssd go into a brick state if there reset or powered off wrong. sometime you can wake them up/recover them. also check that the ssd port is port 0 and is the intel cpu chip. sometime on some mb port 3 or 4 may turn off if somthing in the bios is turned on.
  5. My Crucial M225 128GB suddenly disappeared from BIOS one day after working properly for almost four years. I tried everything I could find online for over two days but it never showed up. Then as a last resort I put it in the oven and heated it up to almost 70 C and then immediately installed it and booted up. On the first try BIOS recognized it and it booted into Windows without any dataloss. I don`t know for how long it will last but I have at least a chance to take a backup. At the Crucial homepage the operating temperature on M225 is stated 0-70C so I made sure it didn't`t go over that temperature.
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