Optimized cooling for CM 690 II Advanced

Not real happy with the cooling in my i5 2500K rebuild - idling in the upper 30's and running Prime 95 I hit upper 80's! I have stock cooling in my CM 690 II advanced - 140mm fans in the front and top, and a 120 mm fan in the rear. I have my cooler oriented to exhaust air towards the top 140mm fan.

Any suggestions on how I can increase airflow? I can add a 140mm fan to the top (for a total of 2), and 120mm fans to the bottom (2 total), left side (2 total), right side, and HDD cage. See below:

I was trying to draw from front to top, so I might add another 140mm to the top and/or the 120mm HD cage in front. I was concerned that drawing from the bottom and/or sides would simply disrupt the airflow. Or, I could remove the front fan and add two 120mm fans on the bottom for more direct airflow from bottom to top.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  1. Add a 120mm fan to the three lower ODD bays blowing toward the rear. You can use nylon ties to attach it to the bays, which also reduces noise.
  2. That's not an airflow issue. Somebody else was having the same problem with the same heatsink (may have been you if you posted this in another section of the forum) and the fix was to take the heatsink off and clean off all the thermal paste, reapplying a thinner layer and re-mounting it.
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