Usb 3.0 problem?

So I just recently (as in today) purchased a seagate backup plus 1 tb hard drive, which supports usb 3.0.

I have an asus sabretooth x58 motherboard which has usb 3.0 built in on the back.

This is my harddrive:

Connecting the usb 3.0 to the hard drive however, only nets me around 39-40 mb/s when transferring files from my harddrive to my external.

When I transferred 2 files (a gig a piece, so a total of 2 gb) from the drive back to my desktop, it wrote at about 100 mb/s.

Is this how it's supposed to work? I always assumed the speed of USB 3.0 would at least somewhat outperform 2.0. When I transfer from my desktop to the drive connected 2.0, it still nets me 39/40 mb/s. I am not going to be transferring much from the external to my desktop, only the other way around.
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  1. If what I read is correct the spindle speed of the Seagate drive is 5400 rpm. This will result in slower access and transfer speeds vs. a 7200 rpm drive.
  2. check the mb bios there been a few usb updates from asus for the asus mb also make sure you have the newest usb driver for the mb from asus web page. (the usb 3.0 controller looks to be a no named chipset vendor)
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