2MB/s read speed on a WD Blue Drive

New drive I got for last christmas, it worked perfectly until about 3 days ago. The read speed is ~2.36mbps and according to a benchmark the write speed is ~10mbps. Previously they were the normal 70-100.

I think the drive might be failing so I am currently moving all of my data off of it as fast as I can (no small task - taking 4 hours to move a 20gb file).

If there's anything at all I can do that might save it, it would be great to tell me. Two last things:

-it failed the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic quick test and extended test
-after i move my data off i'm going to reformat, which might solve the problem (but probably not)
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  1. Reformatting the drive will definitely not do any good. When you test the drive with manufacturer's testing software and it fails the test, that's it, you must dump it and buy a new one.
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