Best Gaming GFX-CARD?

5870 <-- Apparently better then 6800 Series??

GTX 460
GTX 470

1) What card is best for gaming of the 5?
2) What has best performance / fps?

- Compared of the 5, i read a lot from the link i gave, I'm stuck on choosing a good gaming card.

Please help and Thank-you, Paul
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  1. 5870 is best of the 5 by far. This release, AMD re-named their cards, so the 6870 replaces the 5770, and the 6970 will replace the 5870. The 69xx cards will be out in less than a month. 6850 is comparable (but slightly better) than the 460, and the 6870 is comparable, (but slightly better) than the 470
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    if u want a 5870....dont get it (not that its not good it rocks) but just wait for the new 6970 and get that... or the 6950 either or.

    the 6870 is great so if u need to buy now get that
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