How do I take out a keyboard on the v2710 laptop

I have a v2710 that overheats and shuts down and I bought it used and it was pretty darn dirty on the exterior so I am thinking the same for the inside and would love to blow it out
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  1. Have you tried looking for your notebook's service manual on the 'Net? Seems there are several sites that you can download (or purchase for a small fee). That would tell you how to correctly remove the keyboard.

    However, you can get a can of compressed air and blow out the fans by inserting the can extension (usually a little red plastic pipe tip) into the fan intake and press the trigger. Short controlled bursts. You will see crud come out of the exhaust side of the fan.

    Just go easy, with the system powered down and you'll be okay. Good luck!
  2. thanks I have had trouble finding a manual but will give a go to the compressed air slowly thru the vents.
    thanks again!!!
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