Restoring Original Filenames from a Raw HDD?

My hard disk suddenly became Raw so I tried a data recovery software in an attempt to save my files, saw the files, but the problem is a lot of those files are also raw. There are 2 main folders listed, Lost Files and Raw Files. The files in the Lost folder are fine. But the files in the Raw Files folder are all named as file001, file002, file003, and so on.. Now is there anyway to restore them to their original filenames? TIA
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  1. What software did you use? I've used many times to recover deleted files and files from corrupted partitions. It's free and it keeps the original filenames and even the original folder structure. Even partially overwritten files had their original file names and original folder structure. Of course the data was destroyed since it was partially overwritten, but Recuva tells you the files conditions as well. Maybe that software can help you.
  2. Well the first one I used that had the files messed up was Easeus. Then I tried Recuva, but it can't even read/access the raw drive. And lastly I used iCare which someone suggested in another thread, and it worked.
  3. I thought Recuva would have worked. Well at least you were able to recover your data. I'll remember iCare for future situations. Thanks for telling me.
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