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Tracking changes to your home dynamic IP address when away from home?

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May 12, 2010 3:39:26 AM

How would you track changes to your home dynamic IP address when away from home?

i'm looking for a way for one of my networked computers to find the external ip address of my network and log it to a text file once every hour, or whenever it changes.

i'm running windows 7 on both computers and i keep one of them on 24/7. i was looking at pre-written powershell scripts, but dont understand it enough yet. if there was a regular command line that did the job, i could write a BAT file and have the results exported.

this program or windows widget would be great if it had an option to write the results to a text log:

i plan to have the written log saved to my Dropbox folder so i can access the current public IP of my network when it changes and i'm not home. I often travel for my job and find it annoying not to be able to remote into my home computers when i need too. normally, my ip doesnt change very often since my linksys router is always on to renew the dhcp lease. but lately, my ip has changed 3 times in 2 weeks.

i've tried doing a search online and not finding anything worth while. its possible i'm just not searching with the right key words.

suggestions would be great. i'm sure someone will post an easy answer.

update: i did signup for a free dyndns account a couple days ago. I just didn't think my router supported it by default. but after checking again, it does. i've tested remoting in with my host name and works fine.

if one exists, i'd still like the find a program that i can run off my computer to resolve my external ip and log it at intervals so i can save the log to my dropbox folder, just as a back up. if there isnt a program or powershell script, etc, i guess dyndns will have to do.

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May 12, 2010 12:30:32 PM

There's some dynamic DNS providers, last time I looked at my router it even had setup info for that, I guess the router updates the DNS if the IP changes.