Reallocated sector count warning in HDD ?

hello, I'm getting a reallocated sector count and reallocated event count warning for my 4 year old 250gb Hitachi HDD in HD Tune and CrystalDiskInfo. I already did HD Tune's error check,S peedFan, fdisk scan and Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test but coudn't find any errors or bad sectors with any of those tools ?? do I need to worry about my hard disk ? is this a false warning ? really appreciate any help ...
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  1. show us your data
  2. fzabkar said:
    show us your data

    screenshot from HD tune

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    I wouldn't be too worried about 3 bad sectors after 19456 hours. However, I would keep an eye on that attribute just in case it begins to increase.
  4. thanks ... I already ran HD tune's deep error scan but it didn't detect any bad sectors .. so that means none of those scans not good enough to detect those 3 bad sectors ??
  5. Those 3 bad sectors have already been replaced with spares. Their Logical Block Addresses (LBA) have been reallocated to other physical sectors.
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