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The problem is that my friend cant run windows 7 on his processor : whenever the OS starts to load, screen freezes for a sec and the PC restarts (tried 32bit and 64bit).. tried to start it with a 20 % oc (2.3gh) but still wont start.. He will be buying an e6700 tomorrow but im wondering could the problem be cuz of something else.. He has an ati 3670 512mb video and 2gb ram and an asus MB so i dont think that it would be cuz of any of that.. All of this is cuz ive seen 3.5ghz OCs on the e2180 and i think it might be better just to get a good cooling and OC it.
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  1. The cpu won't cause rebooting. It's a power supply or ram issue. You may need a better ps. Please list your system specs.
  2. Windows XP loads perfectly, you sure a weak PSU would cause a PC to reboot just because it has a different OS ?? :whistle:
    P.S. : Computer restarts at windows 7 loading screen, not when the BIOS starts.
  3. Then it's more likely a ram issue or missing windows file. If you check the specs on microsoft's website for the cpu, the 2180 meets the minimum requirements. I've used even the single core 430 celeron with windows 7 with no problems.
  4. More likely a missing windows file. Try reloading win 7 and see how it works.
  5. its RAM.
  6. Ok so today we changed the ram sticks to check if the problem stayed - it did. Then we bought the e6700 and replaced the cpu.. Still wont start o.O Tomorrow ill try to update the bios via EZ Flash2, if it still wont start we`ll give it for repairs :S btw i installed the OS on the hard disk from another PC (the OS starts on other PC, i guess its a motherboard problem.. nothin else left, most likely somethin got messed up in the BIOS when i swaped the hard drive to install windows 7)
    P.S. the motherboard is asus P5KPL
  7. If you're trying to start Windows 7 that was on another motherboard on a new motherboard, it's not going to work. You'll have to install windows again via the disk and DVD drive.
  8. ^+1 Absolutely correct. You need to install the operating system on the machine that you're going to use. It's the ONLY way all the correct drivers will be installed. Even if you tried to install the correct drivers for the new motherboard and other hardware it will never work correctly because the old stuff is still installed. You need to do a fresh install in the machine you are going to use. If you're going to "we`ll give it for repairs" you should at least reinstall first to see if it works.
  9. Problem solved : installed the OS on the machine as you said.. Reason i didnt do it in the first place is because the dvd player was dirty and it didn`t read the disks. ^.^
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