Planning New Build, need input.

Ok, so I'm planning a new build, where I'm at so far is...

Core i7 980x $1000
Asus Rampage III Extreme. $400
RAM 24GB 6x4GB ~ $700

These are the 3 things that I am pretty sure I'm going to get.

For video cards, I'm probably going to end up getting either 3 6970s or 2 6990s, or possibly 580s?? Probably not going to go with Nvidia though, but I really like the scaling of their cards compared to AMD's as of late. Would like input to help make a decision here.

for boot drive, I found an OCZ RevoDrive 240GB for $630. PCIe slot, that's bootable, I think I want to go with that, because of the crazy read/right speeds (up to 540MBps/480MBps.) This too is where I would like some input (possibly RAID 0?)

I have the computer now that I'm not sure if I want to sell it, or use parts from it in this next build, or what. But here is what I am currently running.
Case: Corsair 800D
PSU : 1200W PC Power and Cooling
Watercooled PowerColor Radeon 5870.
OCZ Vertex LE 100GB SSD drive

I have a water loop set up for my Radeon and cpu right now, with a 360 radiator.
Which brings up another question I have, cooling. I am considering phase change cooling (possibly Vapochill Lightspeed), or I could obviously keep the Loop that I have set up now, but I found it a pain in the ass setting up, and really wouldn't want to do that again. The other option was the H70, which is more than likely what I'll do if I don't go with Phase change. So, anyone used phase change? how hard is it to set up, etc..??

I love the case, and I love the power supply, so I'll probaly use those in this next build, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Once again, any critiques, or suggestions will be appreciated.
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