Looking for low power w/ performance parts for a power mizer / gamer

After looking around I have found that really there is no place to do this but maybe here

Like to get everybody's thoughts on this subject and then maybe compile the info to see what we end up with for both AMD and Intel on low power consuming gamers :o

And would love it :love: if we could just keep this thread going for a year or two

To start off we need a lil guide line to start ah heck..... lets keep it simple and open minded have both new school (fusion and sandy) and old school (separate units) and the whole system is no :non: not a factory build it must be a part to build a home brewed unit.

The idea of this thread is to use as a reference since there is not one of sorts maybe here we can start that please :sol:

And maybe post your find here with wattage spec's to help the others make a call on a low power mizing parts. for there next build :D


:hello: yup yup big shout out to you window shoppers how about sharing your find here make sure to post the wattage specs in this post

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  1. I'll start it off with a AMD chip here

    Phenom II X4 910e 2.6 GHz.
    AM3 / L3 6GB
    TDP 65 Watts

    overclockable too
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