Dual vs Triple Channel Memory

I notice that the 1155 MB's seem to provide dual channel memory while the 1366 boards provide three channel. Just curious why the newer 1155 MB's are using what I thought was an older technology.
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  1. Either dual or triple channel works fine. It's just a matter of preference.
  2. On the LGA1366 and LGA1155 CPUs the memory controller resides on the CPU die itself.

    LGA1366 CPUs have three memory channels.

    LGA1155 CPUs have two memory channels.

    There aren't enough pins on the LGA1155 CPUs to add an extra memory channel. Also an extra memory channel is of no benefit because the LGA1155 CPUs are not memory bandwidth constrained.

    If you're trying to fill all four memory slots of an LGA1155 motherboard you should be looking a two dual channel kits or a single quad channel kit with a 1.5 Volt or lower operating voltage.
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