5850-5870 price drop ??

If amd's 6XXX cards are coming out in october-november, can we expect a price drop
on the 5XXX cards ?
I was all set to build a 955-5850 gaming rig this week but now I wonder if I should wait a few weeks.

I know there's always something better coming out but so close to release, Is it worth the wait ?
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  1. the rumours say that the 6700 series will be releasing in october so the 5700 series will definitely get a price drop and maybe the 5830 will aswell. depends on the performance really.
  2. I wouldn't hold your breath. The 4870 is still the same price it was when the 5 series launched so i see no reason why they would drop the 5 series.
    In my opinion they wont move more than a few bucks if that, as the new cards need something priced up close to them to make it seem less atractive to just get the cheaper older card.
    Using UK prices because thats where I am. The 5770 is around £130 on average, they will want to charge more for the 6770 but have to be careful its not too much either way. So £150 looks like a good target. If you drop the 5770 £10 though its suddenly a £30 difference which to me is where it starts getting difficult to justify the difference.
    thats the reasoning im using to say i don't think the prices will drop a lot if at all.

  3. If they dont, get a GTX470 superclocked from EVGA. Benchmarks showed a better performance then her sister 5870 (on some games). Do no hesitate, you can get it for 300. (or 289 for the stock card).
    ...Trust me man :)
  4. ATI might drop the price by $50, but that's it. I would definately wait until the 6000 cards come out before making a purchase. There is no point in buying a 5000 card if the 6000 cards are much better.
  5. If you can't wait then go with HD5850 for now, you can sell your card later and buy the 6xxx series...
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