Multiplayer Problem playing Rise of Legends (PC)?

Hope this would be the right spot to post this =/

My buddy and I are trying to play Rise of Legends together, but unfortunately, 20 seconds into the game, we get the "Connection Error: No connection for 20 seconds" or something to that effect. We both use Windows 7 and have both updated to the latest patches.

This is what we have tried:
Running in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP SP2&3
Port Forwarding
LAN connection
Disabling Windows Firewall
Disabling Router Firewall
Placing me as the DMZ (I am hosting)
Verbal Abuse
Physical Abuse

Nothing has worked so far =/
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  1. me and a friend are both using window 7 64 bit and sadly we are in same boat . i remember playing this game with windows xp 32 bit no problem on my old laptop , so im about ready to blame window 7
  2. Hey I also had this exact problem with Rise of Legends, but solved it the following way (for Windows XP and Vista)

    For XP:
    Under Add/Remove Programs:
    - Add/Remove Windows Components,
    - Networking Services -> Details
    - Install UPnP Interface
    For XP and Vista:
    Under Windows Firewall:
    - Enable the Firewall
    - Under Exceptions, select Add Port
    - Name it ROL80, the number is 80 and the type is TCP. Change Scope to Subnet, OK
    - Add another port and name it ROL6112, the number is 6112 and the type is UDP. Change Scope to Subnet, OK.
    RESTART both computers, then launch the game.
    Upon clicking network multiplayer, ROL will say that it is being blocked by a Firewall. Keep clicking continue, and depsite throwing that message 3-5 times, ROL will sort itself out and then you can play multiplayer lan games without it disconnecting!

    Hope this helps.
  3. To all of those folks out there who get kicked in ROL LAN Games after a few seconds and still desperately try to fix it ... here's the Solution:
    It looks like this game needs: "MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (Microsoft XML Core Services)"
    Here's the link I used to download it: ""
    In case the link won't work anymore try google and search for: msxml4.msi

    Just download, Install, grap a few friends and enjoy this really awesome game!!!
    It worked for us so I hope it will work your u2 :-))
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