SSD detected as INDILINX Factory 00

I recently bought an OCZ Octane and everything has been fine up until now. Every morning when I get up and power on the PC this happens:

Screen doesn't detect anything

I restart

Bootmaster record not found

I restart again and check bios to see why

The OCZ Octane is detected INDILINX Factory 00 (and some other gibberish and symbols)

I shutdown the PC and start it again

Windows 8 boots

Any idea why it's doing this? I got this SSD new from an RMA since the last one I bought was faulty. However, this is working but acting a bit weird. If I could blame this on the OS then I would, Windows 8 has got some stability issues. Still...
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  1. Dereck47 said:

    Thanks, will do. :)
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