Sparkle 9600gt pipe/fan difference

Hello, i'd like to know, what's the difference between this two? both at 512mb or 1gb/256bit.
which one would last longer?
which one performs better?
i'm more into gaming..
and i'm buying 1 of this two

so which of the two should i choose?

thanks ^_^
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  1. A GT240 with DDR5 would be slightly faster and use less power at the same time.
  2. The 9600gt is only for fodder on the second hand market and unused stock. If it is priced $60 usd+ then pay little attention to it unless that is what gets your fancy.
  3. ^
    Agree with mousemonkey, you'll better with GT240 DDR5... :)
  4. thanks for the advice sir, but should i get the passive cool or the fan one?? i'm into gaming, wht should be my choice? going for an sli... but 240 looks really sweet
  5. The GT240 cannot be SLi'd and SLi'd 9600GT's aren't worth it IMHO.
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