Phenom X4 965 stock voltage + heat issues

I recently got one of these processors, and I have to say I'm loving, but one thing I've noticed is that the voltage seems really high for stock w/ no overclock, Cpu-z reads it at 1.45v. That just doesn't seem right. I have everything set to default in the BIOS, and C&C is enabled..

I think this possible overvolt could be causing some heat issues too, using the stock heatsink+thermal paste the cpu reaches 63-64C in only 15 minutes of prime 95, as oppose to like 57C on my old Athlon X2..
I'm using a Gigabyte MA-785-GMUS2H
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  1. Ok I did that, and It did lower temps by alot (10+ degrees) but now im a little confused since im getting conflicting voltage readings. In the BIOS, the "normal" cpu voltage was set at 1.4v, so I took .75 off so it would change to 1.325, but when I loaded up cpu-z, the voltage reading was only 1.312v... Whats up with that? I have it set in the BIOS to 1.35v atm, and cpu-z is reading it as 1.328
  2. There's no option for LLC... and by fine you mean the 1.312v in cpu-z or what im running now?
  3. alright thanks :D
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