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So my computer is in a room with the monitor that I regularly use(Acer 22" LCD), and I recently moved a 32" Sony Bravia LCD into the room. Now when no one is using the Bravia, I would like to use that as my display. The thing is that the monitor's resolution is 1680x1050, and the Bravia is a 720p HDTV. I don't want to have to change my desktop resolution every time that I switch between them, so I was wondering if there is a way in CCC that I can save settings for each display. I was also wondering if I can just leave both plugged into my 4870 and just switch between them in CCC. And I DO NOT want to display stuff on both at the same time, just to make that clear. I should probably mention that my PC is connected to the monitor via DVI and my PC is connected to the Bravia via a DVI to HDMI cable. Any feedback is appreciated.
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  1. I often find that catalyst "remembers" my monitor or television when I attach it, but I believe this will work a bit more reliably. . .Catalyst has a feature called "Profiles." It will allow you to save your currents settings at load them again at another time. You'll just have to create a profile for each resolution. When you create these profiles, you click on the "activation" tab and check "desktop shortcut." This will put a profile shortcut on the desktop. Now, just connect the TV and click the shortcut (if it doesn't automatically adjust.)
  2. I use Ultramon. You can use monitors with different resolutio0ns, and differnt things going on each monitors. I dont think CCC can do what you want 100% Ultramon rocks.
  3. Use your 1680x1050 on the the 1st VDI port and designate it as your primary monitor. Connect the Sony Bravia to the 2nd DVI port. You can use DVI/HDMI converter and use an HDMI cable to your SOny Bravia.

    Your primary display will be 1680x1050. The secondary display is your Sony 720P (Lower resolution).

    You can set different resolution for the 2 display. I have than on one of my Setup. The primary display is 1680x1050 LCD. The secondary is a 50 Inch HDTV at 1080P. Both are linked using HDMI cable. My card is 4890.
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