Is one 256GB SSD better than two 128GB SSD


Someone on Craigslist, locally, is selling three OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB. I have my heart set on buying a 256gb SSD though.

So, are there benefits to buying a larger 256GB vs two separate 128gb ssd drives?

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  1. Putting the two smaller drives in RAID 0 would give you about twice the bandwidth of each small drive. Some say RAID 0 doubles the chance of failure, but I'm not sure that applies to SSDs - a Vertex 4 256GB would probably use the same type and total number of Flash chips as 2 Vertex 4 128GB drives in RAID 0, giving the same overall chance of failure. RAID does add some complications, as Windows install might require the RAID driver from a usb memory stick, the RAID controller pauses to give you a chance to enter setup (slowing down system startup), and you'll want to make sure your RAID controller supports TRIM.
  2. Thanks for the info. I was not considering Raid 0, mainly because of the chance of failures and that, if there were failures, it would bring down both drives.
  3. A failure in a RAID 0 would render the whole array inoperable, but might only require replacing one drive (as long as an identical drive is available) to create a new array, then you'd restore from a disk image (or reinstall windows if you only back up personal files). How were you planning to use two drives then?
  4. One of them would be my C Drive, and the other would be my D Drive. I also have a old school (platter) for storage.
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    Okay, I looked up specifications for the Vertex 4 128GB and 256GB models. They have identical weights and MTBF values, so I was probably wrong about the two smaller drives having the same type and total number of Flash chips as the larger drive (two drives in RAID 0 still wouldn't have exactly double the chance of failure, but close enough). The 128GB drive has a slightly lower sustained sequential write in the specs, but other than that, performance should be about the same.
  6. Thanks for doing the research and the explanations
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