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Hello, my current GPU is the EVGA 275 gtx and it has worked great up to this point but I am looking to upgrade my card to get some better performance. I will spend up to about $300 for a new card at this time. My setup looks like this:

Intel Core i7 920
EVGA 275 gtx
Asus P6t mobo
antec 1000w Truepower Quattro PSU
6 gig corsair 1333 ram
antec 900 case

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. The best cards for that price would be a GTX 470 or the higher end ATI 5000s. You could easily run 3-way SLI with GTX 470s/480s, so if you intend to shell out that money over time, you can support something like that.
  2. I like the gtx 470 recommendation. With the recent price drop ($260 for gigabyte's overclocked edition), it's an excellent value.
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