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Anyone else notice the Catalyst drivers available on the website have reverted back to 10.7? 10.8 is the latest revision. Are the 10.8 drivers that screwed up?
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  1. They've been hit 'n miss lately - it wouldn't surprise me.

    I see 10.8 as well - check again.
  2. When I look it says 10.8.

    Also, I've been using 10.8 for a little while now with no issue.
  3. ^
    Just move to 10.8 a week ago, so far so good... :)
  4. I noticed a decrease in frame rate in Starcraft 2 after installing 10.8 ... Could just be my imagination though. I'm going to reinstall 10.7 to see if I notice a difference. I did notice that 10.8 is up on ATI's website. However the page that I bookmarked showed 10.7.
  5. Use something like fraps to make your comparison...
  6. Its 10.8.. I just check
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