Any one use this screen?

found this Amaunf 23in led back lit on sale from 269 to 219

dosnt have very many reviews so im guessing it might be new its that or an asus 246h 24in which has like 1k reviews all good but its not led back lit (i dont think i may be wrong)

what are your opinions on either.
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  1. I don't think the ASUS is LED, but instead CCFL. (ASUS's USA site will not load product pages - it redirects to their mainpage. Same thing for the VW266H. However, the Global site works: )

    I have an older ASUS VH242H monitor, and I like it a lot. Though, it does have a little bit of back-light bleed at the top and bottom edges.
  2. hmmm nobody uses those what about this one looks nice only 199 super slim the edging looks small (good for multi monitor setup)
  3. Consider Zip's advice about looking for deals from Dell. They had a 24" with a built-in webcam and USB hub last week for $199, regularly $299. Comparably featured monitors at Newegg were/are $329 and up.
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