Graphics card skips/studders?

I noticed over the past few weeks that occasionally when im watching videos or playing games my computer or something randomely skips or studders for like 1 second and continues to play while its skipping the audio skips with it as well. Sorda hard to explain ill upload a video to try and show what happens.
The image url and video url explain whats occuring it occurs at the end
MY info is
AMD phenom x4 940 BE
Sapphire 5770
Windows VIsta 64bit
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  1. Do you have the latest VGA drivers installed ?
  2. What games? Resolution?
    have enough power on PSU?
    just like Maziar said above, install the latest driver...
  3. It happens for youtube videos, WoW, almost any thing that requires video. I run my monitor at 1360x768 and i got well over enough power i got a 700w Raidmax PSU. As far as the drivers go i got the up to date driver version 10.8 which is the most recent.
  4. What are your card's idle clock speeds ? (they should be 157/300 by default)
  5. yea they are at 157/300 i cant really seem to pin point the problem my card isnt overheating my processor isnt overheating i just dont know....
  6. Disable windows aero and see if it helps
  7. Windows Aero is already disabled :(
  8. Maybe your card is defective then.
    Can you test it in another system or test a different card in your system ? If you can't,then RMA it
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