EVGA gtx 460 question

Hi all,

I'm about to buy a gtx 460 from newegg. I've searched out reviews from the internet, but i'd rather hear what you guys think of this card. I want to run BFBC2 along with a few other similar games. The exact card I want is here:


Does anyone out there have this card? Would you recommend it? If not, what would your suggest in the same price range ($180-$200)?

My specs:

AMD phenom ii x4 955 BE
OCZ 700w Power supply
4gb Gskill DDR3
Asus M4a785td-v Evo Mobo
Windows 7 x64

Thanks for the help!
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  1. It should work fine however I recommend you get either a Asus DirectCU/MSi Cyclone/Palit Sonic Platinum 1GB card instead of your stock 768mb one.
  2. Hello
    Its a great card but like decode said, go with the 1GB version.
    Its a bit out of your price range,but its worth it especially if you play at high resolutions like 1080p.
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