Windows Explorer Random Restarts

Hey all,

i'm pretty sure this has been asked here before but after much searching, i still don't know whats wrong.

Basically, my windows explorer will randomly crash, and in 2 seconds restart. this happens under 2 circumstances:
1) Right clicking EDIT (only on desktop+objects in desktop) i can right click in firefox window
2 ) Closing a folder of any kind...

for 1) i've tried the age old shell viewer and disabled all non-ms systems and it will still crash when i right click so i can't really 'isolate' one of the options

no clue how to tackle problem 2

Pretty much the only thing i do is restart/wait a few hours afk w/ computer on and the problem disappears
Any thought on what it may be/ how to fix (not really feeling a clean re-install)?

Addition details: I was running vista 64bit before this and it had problem 1), but now i have even more awesome ways to crash explorer

Thanks for any help!

i7 920
evga mobo
windows 7 64bit pro/bussiness
6gb mushkin
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  1. Try booting into the Safe mode (F8).
    Do you get the same symptoms?
  2. well the thing is, everytime i leave my computer on for about 1 hr (it auto-sleeps) or reboot, the symptoms go away.

    I'm not really tech savvy, but i feel like it's almost as if explorer.exe in my memory somehow gets corrupted (and isn't being fixed on the "explorer is restarting part" and is 'rebuilt' after restarts and such.

    i guess the next thing i want to try is a log off and log on and see if that makes it go away, will report back
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