Will my network work? *crude diagram included*

Ok, this is related to my other post that I posted a few days ago. Included is a crude drawing I did of the network I am working with.

Here's what I'm working with. 6 computers all of which need internet access. As well as several copiers and networked printers, and a few ethernet outlets that have nothing plugged into them, but may have devices plugged into them at a later point.

The hardware I'm working with is a D-Link 16 port switch, an 8 port Linksys router, a modem, and all of the computers and printers I mentioned. All ethernet cords are routed into a closet tied into a panel of some sort, I'm not sure what you call it.

The plan. All of the copiers and printers will plug into the 16 port switch. The 16 port switch will plug into the router. All computers will plug into the router. The router plugs into the modem.

Refer to my drawing and please let me know if this is right. Also, the green ethernet cord on my drawing, is this a straight through or crossover? And any more tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. The network as described should work just fine. To be on the save side I would use a cross over cable since you did not give the model number of the switch.
  2. may want to make your copiers/printers/etc have static IPs either via the router or manually setting them up.

    but yes, should work.
  3. If your switch has an "Uplink" port, a regular straight-through cable will work just fine. If there isn't one then yes, you will need to use a cross-over cable for it to effectively communicate with the router.
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