Office 2007 install problem on Windows 7 64-bit

How does it run compared with the 32-bit?
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  1. jenielsen45 said:
    How does it run compared with the 32-bit?

    No difference that u can tell. What do u need to know?
  2. Is there a special office 2007 64-bit version?
  3. There is no native 64-bit version of Office 2007.

    There are some very minor benefits. When you install Office 2007, the installer automatically checks to see if you have a 64-bit OS and installs a few x64-specific files if it finds one.

    I'm not entirely sure what those files do, but I would assume that the dlls control things like database access, etc.

    So, yes, Office 2007 is slightly x64 enhanced, but probably not in any way that you would actually notice.
  4. Thank you.


  5. You're welcome jenielsen45 : )
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