Asus a8n32-sli deluxe with HD5670, only works in 2nd PCI-E slot!

So this is my secondary system, the motherboard is: Asus a8n32-sli deluxe , with an athlon x2 4400+, 2gb ddr400 ram.

I recently bought an HD5670 pci-e 2.0 version risking if it would work in such an old motherboard.
Well it works... but only in the secondary pci-e slot. I have the bios updated, and have searched google but still haven't found a solution, but I have found others with 5000series radeons with the exact same problem on this board.

So I want to know why it only works in the second slot, and if there is anyway to make it work in the first slot!

Also the first slot is working fine as the previous card in it, an 8600gt was working perfectly.
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  1. the port may have gone bad? i would chalk this up to the Nforce 4 chipset. it is a very quirky, unstable, unreliable, pos, chipset. i have encountered many issues with this chipset. since both slots are X16 i would make sure the bios is updated but if it still wont work id just leave it. no performance hit.
  2. thanks, yea it is a POS lol, the slot hasn't gone bad because it works, but only with my other old card; 8600gt. I guess it's just a compatibility issue as only other people with HD5000s and later have this problem.
    But my question is, are the two pci-e slots controlled by something different? how is it that it can work in the second one lol it makes no sense to me.

    And you're right, there shouldnt be a performance hit since it's also a 16x slot, only thing is though that the card is so low that it's close to the bottom of the case, receiving crappy air flow
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