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Hey Guys.

I was interested in buying a graphics card for my computer, somthing simple and affordable, i have my eyes on the ATI HD 4670 witch my friend has, but there is one issue, im not sure if it fits in my PCI slot, i currently have a 8400GS installed, but im not sure if the slot would support the 4670, in my motherboard manual it says this:

This motherboard has support for PCI
Express x16 graphics cards that comply
with PCI Express specifications.

Any help on this subject would be greatly apprichated and +thanked for your time.
If my motherboard is compatible with the4670 could someone send me a good link to buy one
prefrably, overclocked[SAPPHIRE].

Many Thanks!!!

- Dogan
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  1. Yes it will fit in the slot currently used by the 8400GS (assuming it's a PCIe one of course).
  2. ^

    Im not sure of the motherboards/4670's current pcie specifications 1.0/1.1/2.0 etc, but they should work fine either way seeing as the 4670's not hugely powerful.
  3. ^+2
    as long as your board has PCIE slot then you can use almost any PCIE cards out there...
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