GTX 275 or GTX280

Okay ive got these 2 cards boggling my mind both same price can buy them right now, which one is better?
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  1. Neither, now that the 4xx series is here.
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    Neither, now that the 4xx series is here.

    I should have mentioned im not interested in the new GTX4XX cards, as a GTX460 costs $100 more than i can get a GTX275 for a little more performance, althought it has DX11 features and better power consumption things that im not really bothered about.
  3. In that case the GTX280 is the stronger card out of the two that you first mentioned.
  4. oh, c'mon, why bother with the old tech?
    You'll better with 4xx series, just like mousemonkey said above...

    If you still insist then GTX280 is better.
    Save more money? get GTX295...
  5. GTX 280 is the one you want, although I strongly suggest a GTX 460. The 460 might be $100 more, but it's much more future-proof than the older GTX 280. DX11 is already on several games, and it will really take off in 2011.
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