Dead HDD, possible to fix ?

So, my cousin turned off his pc by pulling the cord, and the next time he turned on the PC the drive wasnt working, no sound no spin no nothing, it is possible that the logic board is dead? so If I replace it for the same model logic board, will it work again?

It's a samsung hd502hj 500gb drive.
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  1. Is that your only drive in the system?

    Perhaps it's something else. You can try the HDD in another pc to be sure, or get a USB case.
  2. no, he has other hdd and is working normally, so it's not the plug.
  3. If the HDD is dead, and it´s not under warranty, then you can open it and see what going on, perhaps fix somehow.

    There is this guy from the cyber cafe next door who fixed an HDD, but screwed it when closing it -- so be careful while open/close it.
  4. Does the PCB look like this one?$T2eC16ZHJF8E9nnC8GcoBQYgDI6L0!~~60_3.JPG

    If so, check the following components:

    If either diode is shorted, remove it. If the "5V fuse" is open circuit, then flow a blob of solder over it.

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