M4a88t-v evo troubleshoot

I have this MB and the system stop after 10 seconds. I did RMA with the RAM and still wont boot. I want to know who to probe if the CPU or the MoBo is the problem. I try to understand the POST sequence but nothing helps me...Please help me on probing the CPU issue or MB
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  1. Hi there,

    my specs:

    AMD phenom II 965 x4 125W
    PSU themaltake TR2 600W
    DDR3 1333 G_Kill CL8
    NO PCI-e Graphic Card

    I realized my problem was a broken Power Switch that short the MB. So it starts for a time and after it becomes a force shutdown, the 5 second short button.

    I tried to reuse an old pc box so my fault. :(
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