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My PC has a siren sound on shutdown, the cpu temps seem to be fine. The sound emits from any speaker. I have a biostar TA890GXB HD MB, with a 650w antec psu.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Please describe this sound rather than just a 'siren sound'. What is your speaker make and model?
  2. Well its a pair of logitech 2.1 speakers, they are pretty old. Just yesterday I installed a sound card that I had laying around, hooked up the speakers and there was no sound on shutdown. I am wonder if my MB just has a bad sound chip in it. There are actually two sounds that emitted, one was a high pitch siren sound and the other was a low rumbling sound that winded down. I just decided to uninstall my sound card this morning. When I uninstalled my sound card software my pc crashed. I will up date when I get back up and running with the speakers hooked up to the on-board audio. The sound card is an audigy soundblaster se 24 bit.
  3. All right, I got my cpu running again and hooked the speakers back up and it still is doing the same thing. I am wonder if there is a short somewhere that would cause this sound to come through my audio chip. The MB is a new board, I have also noticed a burning type smell that I am having a hard time locating. Here is a list of the components installed on my CPU.

    MEM 4G|GSKILL F3-10666CL9S-4GBRL
    CPU AMD|PH II X3 740 3.0G AM3
    Sony Optiarc DVD Burner
    Antec Earthwatts PSU
    HIS 5770 Graphics Card
    Hitachi HDT725032VLA380 ATA Device Hard Drive
  4. I have has a motherboard fry itself near the I/O port. Take a look at the I.O port and see if you have your speakers connected in the I/O port. it is located on the back of your computer. Also, have your case open and start up your system. Look and smell near the I/O port of your motherboard. I suspect the circuits there are fried.
  5. Thanks, I will take a look at that. I have been sniffing around in there but having trouble locating the smell, I replaced the psu to see if that was causing problems. So far since changing out the psu my pc has only load win 7 64 once, then it froze and will freeze right at the screen where it reconizes the devices. Im gonna dissconnect the video card, cuz it might not be able to run it.
  6. Well I got the pc up and running, I removed the 5770 and put my old 4650 graphics card in and the system seems stable now. It has not locked up on me or anything. Going to let it run for a few days to see if it is still stable. Since I removed the Antec Neo Power, sorry I misinformed and thought it was an earthwatts for some reason, the burning smell seemed to vanish. I looked at the voltages on my overclocking software on the PSU and all the voltages seemed fine, unless it was some unstable fluxuating voltage that was causing the cpu and gpu to crash. Gonna see how this runs then rma the psu. Is it possible one of the 12v rails failing could cause the instability?
  7. Possibly, but i never had any PSU go like that. I have had the 4 Pin connector over-volt and fry my motherboard...hence the sig below \/
  8. I just decided to give up and send everything back, thanks for the help. Don't think I am gonna mess around again. Again, Thanks.
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