Power supply wont fit in case?

I have this powersupply: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371029

And I have this case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811192091

There is no way I can possibly get this power supply to fit in this case. Can someone link me to a power supply that will fit? m not sure of the wattage I need, but I just went with a safe 400watts. The only thing in the computer is a 65 watt core2duo and integrated graphics. Can someone also explain why the power supply was too big to fit in the case? Thank You.
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  1. It is a microcase. If you would have gotten a standard *but bigger* case it would have fit.
  2. But what type do I need to go into this case? I really need it to be small :(
  3. maziar321 said:
    But what type do I need to go into this case? I really need it to be small :(

    A microATX psu..

    Like this one


    All the the micro ATX psus I can find tho are from brands I can't trust :(

    maziar321 said:

    Ya that should work...

    But I still don't trust these brands. =p
  4. it wont fit? Thats what she said! Im just kidding! Its a mirco case, you have to read the specs of the case before buying to make sure what size PSU will fit, return it and get a bigger case, get the INWIN Dragon slayer, its a mini tower and fits anything

  5. I just returned the power supply. Again, I need the case to be small. Thats why I got it so small. But I didnt know that you need a special psu for some cases. I thought that it was one size fits all.
  6. maziar321 said:
    I thought that it was one size fits all.

    Micro ATX, ATX and CPX (i.e. Antec CP series)
  7. you will need a smaller microatx psu. but diablotek sucks (even though that one would fit)...
    this one will work, and its from a decent brand:

    and if you need a little more wattage:
  8. I just went with the diablo. Its just for work. As long as the supply works, I should be fine.
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