Switching to Sata III - bootmgr missing


I recently received a new OCZ Agility 4 as a replacement for my burnout Agility 2.

I have Win 7 up and running - my drive connected via Sata II

My mobo has 2 Sata III slots. A few questions:

1) Would I notice any difference in speed moving up to SATA III, is it worth me feeling like I'm missing out on something (my 2 main usages are: software development in the day: web, database + lots of multi-tasking & video streaming by night).
2) Why, when I switch, do I receive: "BOOTMGR is Missing" on boot?
3) Are the cables for Sata II & III the same?

My mobo is an ASUS P7P55D-E

Thanks for any info
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  1. 1) Yes if you have an SSD or top end HDD

    2) You have to go back to your BIOS and reselect your main drive as your boot drive because when you switch ports the BIOS chooses the next boot drive according to boot priority. So resetting the BOOT options and have your main driver as the primary boo drive would fix that and make sure you save the settings

    3) Yes the Sata II and III cables are the same so no need to buy new ones.

    I hope this helps

  2. Nice1 ill give it a go thanks
  3. Did it work?
  4. Yes thanks. That's all it needed.

    It may or may not be worth noting, windows upgraded the UE rating of the drive from 6.7 to a 7.2.
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