M5a87 mobo dvd has chipset drivers, do l need to install this l am running evga

On the MOBO dvd it has chipset drivers to install, do l need to install the driver. I am using EVGA 9800gt 1gig, are the chipset driver for ati video. What are the chipset drivers for? I built M5A87/Phenom ll x4 965/8gig ripjaws x series 1600 mhz/Zalman CNPS10X cooler/EVGA9800gt 1gig. Fired it up runs nice l will oc later and l did install all the other drivers.
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    yes, you need to install chipset drivers. the chipset of hte MB includes the integrated video card as well as the primary communication bus for ram, sata, usb, ect. it will greatly speed up the computer to have proper drivers.
  2. Ok makes a lot of sense. I wasn't aware that this card had integrated video. Thanks for the info.
  3. your MB does not have onboard video but the drivers would include it if it did. since you got a AMD board its got an AMD/ati chipset and thus requires drivers for that. its kind of a bundled package.
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