Overclocking 4650 ddr3

iam looking to overclock my 4650 1gb ddr3 graphics card, but the problem is iam using the ati catalyst control centre and there is no overdrive or over clocking section plz help..or suggest any 3rd party overclocking software...the graphics card is being used in my laptop...P8600 2.4 ghz,500gb,1gb ddr3 4650 and 4 gb memory.
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  1. I don't think the 4650 was ever made with overclocking in mind, SFAIK CCC doesn't support overclocking on that card and you'll probably have to OC in bio's, although you'll be much better off if you upgrade to a newer generation (I.E 5770 or better)
  2. Well, most of laptops aren't designed for gaming...
    As for HD4650, it's a low end gpu, no matter how great you OC it you can't gain much performance increase...

    You can use MSI Afterburner, but i don't know whether it will work on mobile gpu...
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