Hello guys,
I recently put together a new system, but it is now plagued with BSOD errors.

System is:
OS Win7 x86
Mobo ECS G31T-M7
CPU Intel Pentium Dual Core E5400
RAM 1x DDR2 2GB 800Mhz Kingston stick
GPU Geforce 8600GT
2x IDE HDD's
PSU 400W

So the system is pretty unstable, keep getting random BSOD, while browsing net, copying files, watching movies etc. Minidump fails pointing me nowhere at all.

Few things I've done so far:
1. My main suspect straight away was RAM, so I got memtest 86+ and run it overnight, completed 10 times, no errors.
2. I have updated all the drivers and the BIOS, no change.
3. Run CHKDSK /R /F, no problems there.

I have also tried running it on Win XP. It seems to be more stable but I still get random BSOD.

Also I thought that the PSU could be the problem, but on the other hand I was using it with my old system: DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR,AMD Athlon 3700+ (OC to 2.8), 4GB RAM, Geforce 8600GT and 2 IDE HDD's and have never ever had a single BSOD.
I think this new setup should be less power demanding then the old one.

Any ideas??
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  1. unstable power supply or short in wiring will do this. I once had random restarts until I unplugged all my drives and fans except for the boot drive. Then started plugging everything back one at a time. Turns out one of my fans was on a Y splitter that was causing a short.
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