Best SSD out of these?

Hi, I can afford every single one of these, but don't know which will be the best for my uses.
I will put windows on it, 1-2 games and softwares. my secondary HDD will be used for storage.

Kingston SSD 120GB Sata3 SandForce 2281 V300+7MM
Samsung 120GB 2.5" SSD 840 Series
OCZ SSD VERTEX 3 Sync Nand 120GB
Intel SSD 120G Sandforce 2281-330 Sata 3

They're all 120-128GB but I don't know the differences between them such as stability, performance, fail rates and so on..
can anyone tell me which one will be the best for me? they're all in the same price area so the decision should not be based over price.
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  1. I believe they are all good makes, you'd probably be happy with any of them, but my experience is with the OCZs and the Samsungs. Both have never done me wrong. I have this OCZ in my desktop

    and this is in my laptop

    both have been really good to me! :-)
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