I think I might be a victim of ESD

So other day I carelessly took apart my motherboard and CPU and GPU unaware of static electricity build up. So after putting everything back together, the first time i resumed from stand-by, it came up with a BLANK BLUE SCREEN and I had to manually restart it. Today, while just doing usual stuff on my comp and scanning for viruses, it suddenly BSOD AGAIN, except this time it was too quick for me to see, but I noticed there were some memory dump from it. I need help guys, as i recently read some articles on ESD and I am afraid my comp won't last very long now T_T
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  1. HELP GUYS I really need some advice right now...
  2. Usually in the case of ESD your computer won't work anymore. What you're describing doesn't sound like ESD.

    This sounds like a possible CPU power or CPU heat issue. Why I say that is because it happened on initial start, and it happened during a virus scan which is CPU intensive.

    Run this checklist, don't skip any steps. If you still are having trouble let us know.

    It's for no boot issues, but there's alot of stuff in there can can be messed up if you remove your motherboard and hook it up goofy like.
  3. Oh thanks but so you mean that ESD doesn't cause any longterm effects? After reading through some articles I found out that random BSOD are effects of ESD. But okay i will run Orthos today to check if my CPU is sufficient. The reason i took off my mobo was to reattach a loose push pin on my heatsink lol
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