How do u know if a hard drive will work with your computer?

I've been having the "blue screen of death" (STOP Error) lately. I was thinking about changing my hard drive any way but I don't know what hard drive will work with my computer. Does is matter about the motherboard or processor or what?
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  1. choosing HDD does not matter what kind of processor or motherboard you have, but what it do matter is what type of controller you have on your motherboard. If your motherboard has IDE controller on it then go for IDE HDD and if it has Sata port or both SATA and IDE then its my recommendation that you go and buy SATA HDD.
  2. by the way can you give more information about your OS and BSOD stop error code and when it appears, etc?
  3. try making on another pc a hirem boot cd or usb stick and run memtest and hd diags and a virus scan.
  4. i checked and my mother board has AMD SATA Controller. The hard drive im using right now is ST3350041 3AS SATA Disk Device. The stop error goes by so fast i don't get to see it.
  5. ok. so what is your installed OS?
  6. you might get lucky to not to by another HDD as this HDD is most probably fine if you are getting blue screen most probably when you reach windows logo screen during start up.
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    and as your motherboard has sata contoller on it, you can by any sata HDD of Seagate, WD, Toshiba, etc.
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