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I installed my new Asus gtx 460 1gb card this week, and I've noticed it heats up to 70c at full load. Is this hot for this card? My old gts 250 would run at about 60c. I thought about overclocking the 460, but I don't want to if I don't have anymore clearance in the temperature department. Can anyone tell me what is a good temp, and a good overclock speed for this card?
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  2. Ah! Thank you, I must have glazed over that section.
  3. ^
    Just like Maziar said above, it's still normal.
    Only worry when the temps get above 90'C... :)
  4. That's odd to me. My idle is 37C and load is 60C. This is with a hefty overclock too and another graphics card mounted right next to it probably blocking a significant amount of airflow, lol. 75F ambient temperature.
  5. Yours just run cooler, that doesn't mean his run hot by any mean. You probably have a better case/possibly better coolers on the cards.

    70c is perfectly fine. The cards max temp is 104c. I wouldn't let it go over 85c, however.
  6. I have a tiny case, and no case fan, just the fan on the CPU and gpu, but I haven't run into any tempature problems.
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