Hybryd for HD 5870 ?

"Hello everybody" !

I have:
Q6600 clocked to 3.5Ghz
8Gb DDR 2 RAM and
ATI 5870...
Resolution: 1680x1050

I want to buy Nvidia card for PhysX only so i can play Mafia 2 and future games without a problem with PhysX on High.

Which card would you recommend ? ... Best performence for Buck wise?
I was thinking about GTX460 (it costs 280$ in Denmark where i live) ... is it overkill for dedicated PhysX ???

Thx :love:
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  1. If you look at the game recommendations it says a gtx 285 or higher and I have run mafia 2 with my gtx 260 core 216 used as a physX card and another gtx 460 as my main and experience no problems. So ya a gtx 460 would work great however if your looking to spend less you could always try a gtx 285 or something in that range.

    something to keep in mind to now this is just my opinion but as of right now personally i feel physX doesn't really improve the gameplay in this game or many others for that matter just adds and extra level of depth to the pedestrians and ppl flying around :)
  2. If im reading your post right you intend to use ATI for main rendering and a nvidia card for dedicated PhysiX.
    If this is indeed the case then without using hacked drivers or some such you have no chance. As i understand it the Nvidia drivers will do this.
    "Nvidia's graphics drivers deliberately disable support for on-GPU PhysX physics processing when they detect an ATI graphics card present in the system - something that has apparently been happening since version 186 of the driver"

    You can Google this quite easily and see what the issues are and what the possibilities are.

    Mactronix :)
  3. I know i need to hack drivers, but i think Nvidia is beeing stupid at that point.
    1. I am buying Nvidia card = I am not steeling Nvidias technology and simply want to use NVIDIAS card to use their own technology.
    2. From what i have seen Level of detail is amaizing.

    I found old 8800GTS and i have a problem.
    When i plug it in 2'nd slot with my ATI at the 1'st (TOP) slot, windows gives me blue screen upon sturtup.
    Do i need to reinstall windows or can i fix this somehow ?
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