Ram size advice please

Hi all, just a quick pointer please

Im building my own pc on a budget, not too low, not too high, anyhows, Ive started with Crosshair IV Formula, 1090T CPU & an 850W PSU

I have yet to buy the Case, RAM or GPU. I will likely aim for a HD6950 to eventually crossfire

The Mobo takes upto 16gb of RAM, will I need this much or will I get away with 2x2gb sticks

With regards to the RAM, I will add to it but dont want to make what I buy redundant, so say when I eventually add to it, would 4x2gb sticks be enough or should I start with 2x4gb now so I can add another 8gb later, or maybe 2x2gb now & add 2x4gb later giving me 12gb or maybe u'll say 2 x 4gb now & leave it at that ?? not really sure

Prime uses will be highest I can on gaming & movies, thats it

Not sure whats best but didnt really want to be spending £70 on RAM now

Appreciate any advice

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  1. 4GB will probably do you fine for gaming and movies. I have 4GB of RAM and I use about 1.7GB at idle, mainly because it caches a lot of it as well. There isn't really no need to go over 4GB unless you're going to have many programs open at once, or are going to do a lot of 3D or Video Editing work.

    Check out http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ram-memory-upgrade,2778.html if you haven't already.

    Your best bet is to get 4, and if that doesn't do your needs then you can get another 4 later on.
  2. with 8 GB DDR3, you can do anything(gaming like crysis,metro 2033,video editing,multitasking etc.).so go for 8 gb 2X4 gb sticks so you can also get 16 gb in future.
  3. Nice one Same, off to get 2x2's then ;)

    Cheers, dont u just love forums ;)

    Now I need to know what the lottery numbers are for this Friday ??
  4. Cheers Hellfire, damn, I knew I would hit a dilema, sheesh, oh what to do ....
  5. 2x2 would be fine, and if you need 8 you can get another 2x2, or if you want 12 get another 2x4. I doubt there is going to be a need in the near (3 -5 years) future for more than 12GB of RAM in a system anyway, by which stage you'd be looking to upgrade again.
  6. Good point Sam, I know Im not starting at the top end but I dod expect to upgrade at some time in the way distant future. I think Im gonna stick with 2x2 & will try not to call u Same again (instead of Sam in my last post)

    Cheers again, now to choose between Ripjaws or Vengeance lol
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